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From "Clifton C. Craig" <>
Subject Including files in a dirset
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 19:48:02 GMT
How does a dirset act when one of its patternsets includes a file?  What 
I'm looking for is a way to include all sub-directories of a given 
directory that contain build.xml so I can pass it off to SubAnt. I was 
originally using a fileset but it caused a tricky error where the 
basedir of the build file was being set to the basedir of the calling 
target. I want the basedir of the build xmls to be set to the folder 
they are found in. I was thinking that I could change my fileset to a 
dirset which should implicitly set the basedir of all located build xmls 
to the folder they located in. However I don't see a straight foward way 
to do this with a dirset. I have a custom selector that I could use but 
I was wondering if there was a pattern expression that would be work as 
well. For example, if I use <include name="**/build..xml"> in a dirset 
would this give me a set of all sub folders that have build.xml or would 
it give me an error or what?


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