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From "Jakob" <>
Subject xslt task - multiple files output - question
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 13:04:11 GMT

I searched the archive, and found some posts relating
approximately to my problem, but not entirely, and without

I have one input XML file, and want to use Xalan's
redirect extension to create a number of output files.

So, theoretically, I would use the "in" and "destdir"
attributes, correct?  However, it seems they cannot be
used together.  Only the "in" and "out", and the "basedir"
and "destdir" attribute pairs can be used together.

I have tried mixing the "in" and "destdir", but in this
case "in" is ignored, and "basedir" == "." is assumed.

I also tried to use "basedir" and "destdir" (which in my
scenario are the same), but now it converts the output of
the transformation as well, as it works recursively. ...

So, currently I am using this rather inelegant workaround
where I create a dummy outfile which is afterwards

 <xmlcatalog refid="xml.catalog"/>
<delete file="${}/${ed.ibc}/lof/"/>

I do not like it, but it works.  I would be grateful for
any suggestion as to how to make it more elegant.  Thanks
in advance.


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