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From javamz <>
Subject Re: Problem with command arguments
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 02:12:41 GMT
OK...let me try again....because I really do need to find a solution to this problem.  
I'm looking for some guidance on how to construct the following commandline:
pcli Run -Y Put -prS:\\PVCSCTRL\\APP_JAVA_FW -yf -nv -m"My 
(This is a subset of the commandline, but it demonstrates the problem that I am having.)
Where I am having a problem is constructing the argument:  -m"My Description".  The command
I am attempting to invoke requires the double quotes surrounding the value and will not allow
a space after the -m.  Can anyone provide me with a code snippet that will construct the command
exactly as I have it above.  I would greatly appreciate any help someone could provide me. is the code snippet I am using to construct this:
commandLine.createArgument().setValue("-pr" + getRepository());
commandLine.createArgument().setValue("-m\"" + getDescription() + "\"");


Matt Benson <> wrote:
--- javamz wrote:
> If I set up -m as a separate argument, then I end up
> with a "space" between the -m and the value I am
> trying to pass in....PVCS will not accept the space
> after the -m. I

The thing is, once you start using separate arguments,
this should be enough to clarify your intent with
regard to embedded spaces. Having worked a little
with the PVCS command-line tools, I will say that I
agree that -m wants to be part of the same argument as
ITS argument: "-mblah" or whatever. When you use
single or double quotes at the command line, these are
used by the shell to tokenize the arguments to be
passed to the executable. When you use separate
method calls to construct this, you are doing the job
of the quotes right there. So you may find that using
an argument like "-mblah blah blah" works.

Good luck,

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