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From Robert Nicholson <>
Subject Flags with available
Date Sat, 31 Jan 2004 15:07:01 GMT
Tomcat-5's build.xml has a rule like the following.

<target name="check.source">

     <available property="source.exists"
                    file="${basedir}/${tomcat.project}" type="dir" />


  <target name="get.source" unless="source.exists">

     <antcall target="checkout" />


however, there are actually many things it should be checking not just 
so I wanted to ask how in Ant can you write the rule in such a way that 
it sets source.exists
to false only if one of those items isn't present. So as soon as it 
finds one dependency that
doesn't exist it should abort checking for the others because it would 
reset source.exists if the other dependencies do.

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