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Subject Re: Ant -k thread....
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 17:41:28 GMT
Domin, and all,

Yes i did that but it will affect the build will return "build successful" and 
meaning the result is incorrect. Here is my reply to that:

Yes i do have a serious issue with that...  My case is like the followings:


build.xml from toplevel directory calling level_a/build.xml by doing <ant
dir="server_a" Inhertitall="false" Target="all"/>

build.xml from toplevel directory calling level_b/build.xml by doing <ant
dir="server_b" Inhertitall="false" Target="all"/>

where server_b depends on server_a, and both server_a and server_b have
their own build.xml so that developers can go into server_b directory and
just build server_b.

Issue #1) When server_a failed in the javac task, and by default,
failonerror="true", the whole build from /top_level_dir/build.xml just
stopped. server_b does not get compile. True, server_b will fail even if it
is going to be compile.

Issue #2) However, the correct behaviour should be server_a failed in javac
compilation, then start compiling server_b and server_b fails too. This can
be done if I set the failonerror="false" in javac task of server_a. However,
then the build will return SUCCESSFUL which is a wrong behaviour.



(Sorry, I trashed that email too fast... Here's one possible solution)

<subant> has a 'failonerror' attribute that allow you to go on if one of the
sub-builds called fails. --DD

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