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From "Ray Tayek" <>
Subject order of <property file=...>'s and <property environment="env"...>, and usage of entity references
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 01:04:15 GMT
hi, trying to develop a set of ant scripts for use as starting points in a
small .com that makes web apps (mostly servlets and now a little web
services). mostly getting ant and junit to play nice in netbeans and (and in
eclipse rsn). i came up with the following order (based on maximum ability
to override stuff:
	<property environment="env"/>
	<property file="${user.home}/"/>
	<property file=""/>
then i noticed the sample build.xml in tomcat 5:
	<property file=""/>
	<property file="${user.home}/"/>
	<property environment="env"/>

looks like i may be thinking backwards. an associate pointed out that this
(tomcat) way was (sorta) from specific to general (or at least different
than my criteria). since all of the *_HOME's can be used (or ignored) at any
point in this shortlist (as well as defining things on the command line),
the order is not so clear.

what order have you found that works best?

also, it seems that a lot of stuff in build files is boiler plate (i know i
can use refids's). iirc, there were some older threads on using xml entity
references like:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE project [
	<!ENTITY foo SYSTEM "../foo.xml">
<project ...
... &foo; ...

searched the arhives, but did not find much. does this stuff work? are there
any weirdities to worry about? Is there some doc somewhere?

any pointers will be appreciated.


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