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From "Matt Harp" <>
Subject Simple XDoclet exmple?
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 14:58:08 GMT
Hey all,

I've written a new Task for my local Ant builds and want to generate the
Help files like you see in the Ant manual. From what I've read, the stuff in
proposal/xdocs is setup to do this for the Ant source files. For the life of
me though, I can't understand how to use it locally... I've spent a day+ now
trying to get the proposal\xdocs\build.xml to build but all I ever get is
UnexpectedError messages (I've increased the JVM mem default to 256m in
ANT_OPTS but all that fixed was my OutOfMemory errors).

I've also downloaded the XDoclet stuff and included samples, but again they
don't build as is, and when I copy a single file and do my own build script
using the xdoclet Ant tasks it doesn't give errors but nothing gets

Can anyone provide just a simple example (like 1 Java class that inherits
from AntTask and a build.xml file) of how to use XDoclet to generate Html
files like those seen in the Ant manual?

Also, which XDoclet tag should I be using for just generic Java code? All of
them seem geared toward specific types of Java like Web, EJB, JDO, etc...

Any help would be immensley appreciated,


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