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From Wascally Wabbit <>
Subject ANN: JWare/AntXtras v0.3 Released.
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 22:38:33 GMT

Version 0.3 final of JWare/AntXtras is now available.
The User Guide is final in this release.

Download from:
Release notes at:

AntXtras is a collection of useful Ant add-on tasks organized
into five groups: build-rules, flow-control, feedback, helpers,
and testing-aids. We use AntXtras as the foundation for our
own in-house continuous integration environment. However, these
tasks are generally useful to anyone using Ant. The online task
documentation is a work in progress; please use the available
pdf-based guides in the meantime.


   1. Resource bundle based messages and property management.

   2. A complete rules framework complete with assertions,
      default preferences, environment checks and tallies,
      and reusable build-rules.

   3. A complete bridge to Log4J logging system for a robust
      build monitoring system. Also includes a contributed
      package to bridge to the J2SE's Logging APIs. These
      components let you capture and map Ant log messages
      and stdio to an external system, a file, or a regular
      Ant property.

   4. A complete build fault and recovery framework. These
      components let you capture, record, and possibly
      recover from build problems.

   5. A collection of diagnostics helpers for task developers
      to test their tasks within an actual Ant execution.
      Developers can use JUnit or Ant itself as the test

[Dec 12, 2003]

The Wabbit (for JWare Announcements) 

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