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From Brian Agnew <>
Subject ANN: xmltask 1.9
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2003 18:48:25 GMT
Version 1.9 of xmltask is out now. This version allows calling of ant 
targets for XML nodes identified by XPath expressions e.g.

<xmltask source="web.xml">
    <call path="web-app/servlet" target="servlet" buffer="servletDef">
      <param name="class" path="servlet-class/text()"/>

will call the 'servlet' target for each servlet definition in web.xml, 
passing the classname as a property 'class', and the complete servlet 
definition in the xmltask buffer 'servletDef'.

This facility can be used to drive builds from XML deployment 
descriptors, or to drive complex builds from a simplified XML file 
acting as a 'meta' build.xml (if you need to do such a thing!).

Other minor tweaks / fixes incorporated. See the CHANGES file for details.

Tested againt Ant 1.5 / 1.6


xmltask provides the facility for automatically editing XML files as
part of an Ant build. Unlike the standard filter task provided with Ant,
it is XML-sensitive, but doesn't require you to define XSLTs.

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