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From Maciek Zywno <>
Subject Re: about DynamicConfigurator - addFoo ( Foo foo ) invoked if Foo is a DynamicConfigurator?
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2003 23:28:44 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:

>>From: Maciek Zywno []
>>Subject: about DynamicConfigurator - addFoo ( Foo foo ) invoked if Foo
>>is a DynamicConfigurator?
>>Let's assume that addFoo ( Foo foo ) is a method of a class(my custom
>>task) extending
>>I would like to know if ant invokes such method only if it comes across
>><foo> in xml file.
>>Do I get it right that this is why DynamicConfigurator is extended , I
>>mean Foo is to extend DynamicConfigurator, right?
>No. DynamicConfigurator is used when the element to add has no corresponding
>method in your task. IOW, you want to support a <foo> element but you do not
>have addFoo() or createFoo() methods in your task. For most tasks you do not
>need to use DynamicConfigurator.
So one more question: why would one have Foo class extend 
DynamicConfigurator if there is already method add/createFoo( Foo foo ) 
in custom task?



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