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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: ant MSG_ERR does not appear to be generated
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2003 15:19:57 GMT
This was changed in ant 1.6.0.

The problem was that the event priority of std error has been changed
from err to warning as sometimes it was output at error level and
sometimes it was output at warning level (when fork or exec was used).

There should still be an event at error level:
ant -find compile.xml -logger

generates the following:
 <build time="1 second" error="/home/preilly/learning/ant/compile.xml:3: 
Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.">
    <task name="mkdir" 
location="/home/preilly/learning/ant/compile.xml:2: " time="0 
    <task name="javac" 
location="/home/preilly/learning/ant/compile.xml:3: " tim

Brian O'Halloran wrote:

>I recently converted to ant 1.6.0 from 1.5.4.
>Part of our build process writes build PASS/FAIL to a postgresql db.
>I have implemented an ant listener that looks at logged messages and
>determines if any errors occur during the build;
>    public void messageLogged(BuildEvent event) {
>        // check all messages for build errors
>        if(event.getPriority() == Project.MSG_ERR)
>            buildStatus = "F";
>    }
>When I invoke ant with -listener and there are javac compile errors, I
>find that event.getPriority() never sees any MSG_ERR type messages.
>I'm mostly seeing MSG_VERBOSE and MSG_DEBUG with a much smaller number
>of MSG_WARN and MSG_INFO, but never any MSG_ERR.
>With ant 1.5.4 MSG_ERR would always be generated with a javac compile
>Anyone else seeing this behaviour with 1.6.0?  Should I be looking for
>errors by some other mechanism?
>Brian O'Halloran
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