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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: help with ftp task
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2003 12:48:12 GMT
Jacob Kjome wrote:

>I'm wondering how I can get the equivalent of the following using the <ftp> (or

>some other ftp compatible) task....
><get src="@{srcfile}" dest="${dependenciesdir}/" />
><unzip src="${dependenciesdir}/" dest="${dependenciesdir}"/>
><delete file="${dependenciesdir}/"/>
>Basically, the problem is that I don't see how I can specify the dest file like 
>the <get> task allows.  I need to be able to specify it as a generic name to a 
>specific location so that I can unzip it and then delete that file.  Is the ftp 
>task going to be able to do this for me?  I can't see how it can based on what 
>I've read in the docs.  Is there some other task out there that can perform 
>what I require?
>It would also be nice if I could simply provide a fully qualified URL to the 
>file rather than have to split it up between server and then file such as....
><ftp action="get" userid="annonymous" password="" src="@{srcfile}" 
>dest="${dependenciesdir}/" />
>This would make it so getting single files would be syntactically equivalent to 
>the <get> task.  The <ftp> task ought to be able to break apart the URL into

>its appropriate parts without me having to manually split it.
Hi Jakob,
you cannot specify how you are going to name a file that you are 
downloading with the "ftp" task.
you might want to have a look at the "common-vfs" sandbox project of 

The current syntax of the ftp task is a bit strange.
This snippet here means download the files matching "" from the 
remotedir /foo/bar on
The base directory of the fileset is not used by the task (because it is 
a get action), only the remotedir.

 <ftp action="get"
    <fileset dir="htdocs/manual">
      <include name=""/>


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