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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Issue with FTP task.
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 19:43:28 GMT
can you run the build in verbose mode ?
if the transfer fails, ant should then output this :
"could not put file" + ftp reply string



Conelly, Luis (PS, GNF, Contractor) wrote:

>Hi all, 
>    I am trying to update my classes to my DEV server (Sun 5.8 box) from my workstation.
I have following targets to do this task:
>    <target name="initFormatted" description="Initializes Time / Date feature Formatted">
>      <tstamp>
>        <format property="time.formatted" pattern="MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm aa" unit="hour"/>
>       </tstamp>
>    </target>
>    <!--compile Target - Performs a simple compilation of the project -->
>    <target name="compile" depends="initFormatted" description="Simple compilation
of eDocs - eCM Sources">
>        <javac srcdir="${src}" destdir="${build}"
>               fork="yes"
>               executable="${jdk13.home}/bin/javac.exe"
>               listfiles="yes">
>            <classpath refid="project.class.path"/>
>        </javac>
>        <antcall target="updateCompiled" >
>            <param name="tbf" value="${time.formatted}"/>
>        </antcall>
>    </target>
>    <target name="updateCompiled" description="update *.class files just compiled to
${ftp.server}" >
>        <echo message="updating class files to ${ftp.class.home}"/>
>        <ftp server="${ftp.server}"
>             userid="${ftp.user}" password="${ftp.pwd}"
>             verbose="yes" remotedir="${ftp.class.home}"
>             passive="yes">
>            <fileset dir="${build}" includes="**/*.class">
>                <date datetime="${tbf}" when="after"/>
>            </fileset>
>        </ftp>
>    </target>
>	The files get compiled, the <fileset> inside <ftp> task works fine, since
selects just the compiled files, but the FTP task does not upload the files. Just seems to
do it. First I thought it was a permissions issue, but I am using the same user / pwd with
other FTP tool and it works fine. Then, I thought it was the <ftp> task did not recognize
newest files, so I droped the files from the server and executed again the target. Nothing
happened... the file wasn't uploaded.
>	I am pretty sure the <ftp> task works fine, because I am using other target to
update my source files and some jars and they do fine. Just for this target is not working
>	I have tried with *passive* attribute (as currently is) and nothing happened.... I am
not through a firewall and my other tool does not need to use a proxy to connect to the DEV
>	Following are my settings for my workstation:
>	os: Win2K SP1
>	JDK: 1.4.1_02 
>	Ant: 1.6beta2
>	A typicall output looks like:
>C:\Projects>ant compile
>Buildfile: build.xml
>    [javac] Compiling 2 source files to C:\Projects\src
>    [javac] C:\Projects\src\a\e\i\
>    [javac] C:\Projects\src\a\e\i\
>     [echo] updating class files to /my/path/to/classes
>      [ftp] sending files
>      [ftp] transferring C:\Projects\src\a\e\i\Class1.class
>      [ftp] transferring C:\Projects\src\a\e\i\Class2.class
>      [ftp] 2 files sent
>Total time: 20 seconds
>	Any clue / hint / help will be appreciated / welcome.
>PS. Sorry for the long mail
>Luis G. Conelly 
>Global Nuclear Fuel 
>A join venture of GE, Toshiba & Hitachi 
>Ph. (+52) 449-910-7800 ext. 7308
>Mobile (+52) 449-123-8749
>DialComm. *879-7308
>Fax (+52)449-910-7801
>SameTime: Luis Conelly/PS/GeneralElectric 
>"The information contained in this transmission is non-public, is the confidential, proprietary
information of GE Nuclear Energy and / or Global Nuclear Fuel and / or any of its subsidiaries.
In addition to any other restrictions that may be imposed by Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure
Agreements between GE Nuclear Energy and / or Global Nuclear Fuel and the recipient, may not
be disclosed, copied or used for other than its intended purpose without written permission
from GE Nuclear Energy and / or Global Nuclear Fuel and / or any of its subsidiaries. 

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