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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: saxon and xalan
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 17:46:28 GMT
I have used this task from (at least) ant 1.5.3 (the last one I have on 
my FS) to ant 1.6beta3. It works. I have found it most useful using 
saxon and xsl version="1.1" (the only one with this version of xsl). 
Using xsl1.1 and its xsl:document element (as opposed to the function 
call) has been extremely useful when taking large xml files and 
splitting them up into smaller ones (especially for MSWord 2004 xml).

Though it is useful for many things, here is a link to some info on 
breaking up MSWord 2004 XML:

Great task!

-Rob wrote:

> Do you know the compatibility to Ant? Then I can add that to the
> external page .
> Jan
> mtxslt - Multi-XSLT Ant Task
> A task for the Apache "Ant" build system. The "mtxslt" (multi-XSLT) task
> extends the standard Ant "xslt/style" task to make it easy to use multiple
> XSLT engines during the same build. This is useful for regression testing of
> XSLT scripts against.
> Compatibility:  
> URL:
> Contact:  		Anthony B. Coates (abcoates AT TheOffice DOT net)
> License:  		Apache Software License 1.1

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