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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: I am having a problem doing an ftp task
Date Sat, 13 Dec 2003 11:29:05 GMT
Bill Chmura wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have the same build file that does an ftp task... It used to work, but now 
>under gentoo it does not.
>The vitals:
>Running blackdown-jdk-1.4.1
>Apache Ant version 1.5.4
>I also have the NetComponents.jar installed.
>I get :
>file:/home/wbchmura/bin/siteframer2-dist/bin/build_system_file.xml:176: Could 
>not create task or type of type: ftp.  Ant could not find the task or a class 
>this task relies upon.
Hi Bill,

>Any suggestions?

try this :

$ jar tvf $ANT_HOME/lib/optional.jar | grep -i ftp
  3264 Tue Aug 12 14:07:50     2003 
  1309 Tue Aug 12 14:07:50     2003 
 15759 Tue Aug 12 14:07:50     2003 

If you do not get the output listed above, then your optional.jar is 
missing the ftp support class and your ant installation cannot support 
the ftp task.

>I had all this working under redhat and windows, but I just moved to gentoo 
>and I cannot get this to work anymore.

I do not know what gentoo is. Is this a particular sort of UNIX ?

>For good measure I also:
>Put a copy of the NetComponents.jar in the jre/lib/ext directory
>Added both the NetComponents and Optional jars to the classpath

You do not need to have anything in the CLASSPATH before starting ant, 
nor NetComponents.jar under jre/lib/ext. :-(

You can also try ant1.6beta3 with commons-net.jar. :-)



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