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From Chris Wood <>
Subject Re: Problem on OS/400
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 11:19:01 GMT
Further strangeness:

Our other OS/400 machine reports version 1.3.1 regardless of which java
binary you run (it has 1.1.8, 1.2 and 1.3 installed).

Have played about with renaming binaries to see if it's really running
what you ask it to run.

If I rename the 1.1.8 java binary, and then run the 1.3.1 java binary, I
still get the result of version being 1.1.8.

If I rename the 1.3.1 binary in addition to the 1.1.8 binary and then
try to run the 1.3.1 binary, I get file not found.

Have copied the binaries to linux and done a diff. They are the same
files. But why?
And more to the point, why does our other OS/400 box exhibit the same
behaviour, but with everything resolving to version 1.3.1 rather than

Does anyone on here know OS/400 enough to comment?

Does anyone have more than one version of Java on their OS/400 and see
the same effect?

I'm going to try compiling ant on the box that resolves to 1.3.1 to see
what we get.



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