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From Thai Thanh Ha <>
Subject Starting JBoss from Ant without blocking
Date Sat, 06 Dec 2003 10:45:29 GMT

 Hi all,

 Currently I'm using a build.xml file to start JBoss from Ant. The build.xml
looks like:
        <exec executable="cmd.exe" spawn="true" dir="${jboss.home}/bin">
          <arg value="/C"/>
          <arg value="start"/>
          <arg value="run.bat"/>
          <env key="NOPAUSE" value="YES"/>
 The problem is when I stop JBoss (using Ant), the JBoss window doesn't
disappear. JBoss just exits but the DOS window doesn't disappear. Is there
any way to start JBoss (from Ant) in a separate window and that window will
be closed automatically when JBoss exits? Please help. Thanks.

 I'm using Ant 1.6B2 and Windows 2000.


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