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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject AW: RE:Failed to initialise MIME mail use ant-antidote
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:16:42 GMT
1) how do you start ant (or antidote)
2) maybe there is a kind of integration problem between antidote and ant
1.6, but you need to tell us how you start your build
3) try to run your build from the command line (directly with the ant shell
4) the funny characters in the email that you forwarded look like your
attachment(s) uuencoded. The reason why you see all these
funny characters instead of an icon  for an attachment might mean that some
thing in the chain processing your email (SMTP server, POP3 server,
or more probably just your email client) had a problem with the processing
of the attachment.


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