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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: [OT] Seeking input from the comunity at large.
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:47:11 GMT
> From: David McTavish []
> I appreciate your effort, but I would plead with you to reconsider
> throwing
> a year of your life away. The world really doesn't need a "new"
> programming
> language that will solve all of its problems. I'm sure you've done enough
> research into this so far, but I don't think you realize WHY certain
> languages gain success. From the short of it, its either centered around
> marketing dollars, OR, has an emphasis on high code-output. When trying to
> tackle these two distinct "markets", you're going to find, that
> a) you don't have the dollars to compete with Java, C#, or an established
> C++ development platform
> b) you won't be able to gain the grassroots support enjoyed by Perl, PHP,
> and Python.


> Unfortunately, (or fortunately), someone has already bore this path, and
> trying to create a new language to resolve all of the elements that you
> feel
> are "missing" from any particular language will only result in a serious
> amount of wasted effort. I would believe that it would be more prudent to
> investigate some of the other languages that are "open" that you could
> contribute your time and benefit an already established community, instead
> of trying to create your own.

Check out D: 

> Also, your code snippets look like nothing really innovative as to really
> require the invention of a new language. From my first perusal, it seems
> like a blending of Tcl with Java. Overall, I think that Java is a bit more
> elegant, as the requirement to prefix every method with a colon would grow
> somewhat tedious. Anyway, apologies for the rant, I'm just trying to
> provide
> some insight into the mountain of effort you're wandering towards in
> relation to the lack of reward you'll ever witness.

I'd just add that there are already way too many languages out there, but
each has its strength and weaknesses, and none is the silver bullet
language. Anyone who embarks into creating a new language should have at
least written one or two compilers to really really understand everything it

So as David, I'd advise you to embark in a different endeavor.

Cheers, and good luck, whatever you decide to work on. --DD

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