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From Corey Jewett>
Subject problem with macrodefs 'expiring' in 1.6beta2.
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 18:08:58 GMT
Started converting over to 1.6beta2 yesterday. Macrodef is a sweet 
feature, but it's not working properly with dependencies. Basically I 
have the following:

<target name="A">

<target name="B" depends="A">

<target name="C" depends="A">

<target name="D" depends="A">

<target name="E" depends="B,C,D"/>

A  -> works as expected.
B  -> works as expected. Calls A appropriately.
C  -> A is called and executes properly. But C does not execute 
D  -> same as C.
E  -> A runs properly. B runs properly. C and D do not execute properly.

By not executing properly I mean that the target 'runs', but the macro 
does not appear to run at all.

It's as if a macro's contents are disposed of once it has been used. 
The only workaround I've found is to cripple my build file by removing 
all offending 'depends' declarations and then calling ant repeatedly 
for each target.


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