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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject RE: Ant 1.6 local and macrodef attributes
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 17:50:08 GMT
At 07:03 AM 11/27/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>The problem with this is that the property "file.available" cannot be 
>redefined a second time now because the macrodef lives outside of any target
>and so this property resides on top level.
>Is this essentially the problem you are facing?

That is exactly the problem I am facing.

>My answer would be that I am not opposing the use of <local> properties 
>inside of macrodef calls anyway.  All that I am opposed to is implementing 
>the <attribute> functionality with the same <local> mechanism.

I always assumed that the attributes were local only to the macrodef 
anyway.  I must have missed a bunch of the developer conversation.  What 
purpose would <local> serve to an attribute that is already only in local 
scope?  As far as I can tell, the current patch doesn't make <attribute>'s 
global.  What does <local> have to do with <attribute>'s????  Man, I must 
really be missing something here.

>  test.file is an <attribute>.  It is not a property of any kind, local or 
> otherwise.  If you want to say that any actual properties, defined within 
> a call to a <macrodef>
>either by invoking a target or directly are local, as the "file.available" 
>property above, this garners no opposition from me.

Well, that's a relief.  So, I guess I don't understand what all the 
opposition is about then?  Can't we add <local> so that It works for tasks 
that return actual properties and leave it at that?  You macrodef would 
look like this...

<macrodef name="A">
    <attribute name="test.file"/>
       <local name="file.available"/> <!-- this is the part that makes this 
macrodef non-useless. -->
       <available property="file.available" value = "yes" file="@{test.file}"/>
       <property name="file.available" value="no"/>
       <echo>Is @{test.file} available? ${file.available}.</echo>
<A test.file=""/>
<A test.file=""/>

I'm also not clear on the @{test.file} syntax.  I'm using ${test.file} and 
it works just fine.  Actually, I just tried it and the @ syntax doesn't 
currently work (having applied the <local> patch).  Is this what all the 
hubbub is about?  If you are saying that you'd approve of the local patch 
if it changed the syntax for accessing <attribute>'s to @{} 
from ${}, then lets do it!  I don't care what the syntax is 
for accessing <attribute>'s as long as I can use <local 
name="someproperty"/> to keep  the property (not attribute, mind you) 
"someproperty" resettable upon the next call to the same macrodef rather 
than being set globally and, therefore, permanently the first time the 
macrodef is called.  Like I've said before, without this functionality, the 
above macrodef is totally useless.

Is this doable or is there some technical issue standing in the way?


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