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From Stan Devitt <>
Subject Re: AW: style task disagreeing with xalan and saxon
Date Sun, 02 Nov 2003 21:32:40 GMT
Thanks for the suggestion.

I am now getting consistent results though I am not entirely sure yet
what led to full the fix.  Replacing xml-apis.jar as suggested below did 
not seem to
have much effect alone, but this and making the XML related jar files 
across lib/endorsed under JAVA_HOME , lib under ANT_HOME  and my
stand-alone xalan led to consistency between xalan and ant.  The saxon 
versus xalan discrepancy then disappeared after a thorough XSLT code 
review, though I  haven't isolated the crucial change.  

java version "1.4.2"
Ant 1.6beta2

Once again,  thanks.

Stan Devitt

Antoine Lévy-Lambert wrote:

>Hi Stan,
>Other ant users have complained that ant 1.6 beta2 is shipping with an
>obsolete xml-apis.jar.
>Replace it by the one coming from the xerces java 2.5 and see if it improves
>the situation.

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