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From Ian Grimstead <>
Subject <include ...> in <jar> rule
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 09:15:53 GMT

I'm having problems with multiple files in a single include statement,
namely, multiple .class files separated by "," or " " fail to be
included, yet single entries work fine. Here's an example:

<target name="jar">
    <jar jarfile="${build.lib}/${package}.${}.jar"
basedir="${build.dest}" >
        <include name="rave/net/utils/HostInfo.class

This fails to include any class files, but if I split the include into 2

<target name="jar">
    <jar jarfile="${build.lib}/${package}.${}.jar"
basedir="${build.dest}" >
        <include name="rave/net/utils/HostInfo.class"/>
        <include name="rave/net/utils/HostInfos.class"/>

...this works just fine.

Unfortunately, I want to pass the "include" in as a property, which
contains multiple files. This is because the jar is built in a separate
ant script from where the includes are defined...

Any advice? I've checked the docs & AFAIK it should work, but...



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