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From "alan" <>
Subject RE: killing a remote java process in windows
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2003 23:42:27 GMT
Thanks a lot.  It looks like just what I need.  It seems to be throwing
an error when I use it from within Ant though.  It's coming out as an
IOException.  I'm wondering if it's because it spits out output and ant
is not handling that fact properly.  It's all at work so I can't play
with it at home, but I'm thinking that I need to send the output to a
file to avoid the exception.  

However pskill works great from the command line.  To be honest I was a
bit wary of it at first as it seemed like an ideal tool to contain some
sort of hacker-ware but Sysinternals seems reputable from my google


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From: Oleg Blokhin [] 
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Subject: Re: killing a remote java process in windows

look at
alan brown <> wrote:

Is there a simple way to do the equivalent of a ctrl-c on a java process
(or a dos shell) across a windows network?

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