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From "Parimala" <>
Subject ojspc+ant
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 11:28:34 GMT
Rose StationeryHi All,
    I want to write an ant script for using ojspc utility provided by

    I am facing the problem in doing that.

    here goes my script

<project name="JSP Compiler" basedir="." default="compilejsp">

<target name="compilejsp" >

<property name="jspc.lib.dir" value="C:\J2EE\oc4j10221\ojsp\jsp\lib"/>

<path id="myclasspath" description="sets all the jar files available under
${utils.dir} to classpath">

<fileset dir="${jspc.lib.dir}" includes="*.jar"/>


<java classname="" classpath="${jspc.lib.dir}">

<classpath refid="myclasspath"></classpath>

<arg line=" -d C:\temp\test\web\temp\_pages -srcdir
C:\temp\test\src -packageName _test._jsp -verbose -debug blank.jsp" />


<dirname property="d" file="." taskname="java" />



and this is the error  (note: build.xml and blank.jsp resides in the same

Buildfile: C:\learn\test\jsp\build.xml


[java] Invalid input file "blank.jsp": cannot read or does not exist!

[java] Usage: ojspc <options> <file list>

[java] where <options> includes:

[java] -addclasspath <classpath> extra classpath for javac

[java] -d <directory> where to place generated binaries

[java] -srcdir <directory> where to generate Java or SQLJ source files

[java] -debug generate line map for debugging

[java] -hotload hotload the static text in JSP into aurora vm

[java] -extres generate external resource files for static texts

[java] -extend <class name> class extended

[java] -implement <class name> interface implemented

[java] -appRoot <path> path to prepend to application relative files in
include directives

[java] -noCompile do not compile the generated Java source

[java] -packageName <package name> package name for generated JSP page

[java] -S-<option> <value> specify SQLJ option

[java] -verbose print translation steps

[java] -version Oracle JSP Version number

[java] null


Total time: 601 milliseconds

Hope i am clear with the requirement.

help me in finding the solution.

thanks in advance,


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