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From "Casey Daniell" <>
Subject Using refid's in War task
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 22:12:01 GMT

I have just upgraded to ANT 1.6 Beta and noticed that the following no 
longer works. Is this intentional?

   <target name="main-gateway.war" depends="gateway-jar,main-plugins.jar">
    <war warfile="${build.home}/main-gateway.war" 
     <zipfileset refid="gateway-lib-files" prefix="WEB-INF/lib"/>
     <lib dir="${build.home}" includes="main-plugins.jar"/>
     <lib dir="${build.home}" includes="gateway.jar"/>

We have many libraries in our lib directory but, in this build script use 
and refid=gateway-lib-files to get the proper subset. When I run the build I 
am getting this error:

C:\LATEST_CODE\MessageGateway\build.xml:127: You must not specify more than 
attribute when using refid

Any hint/ideas on what to change to get my war file built?


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