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Subject Re: What is this? "ZoneInfo: wrong file size: America/Chicago" (thanks)
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 12:40:34 GMT
Hi Doug:

Thanks for the help.  That was it!


"Doug Lochart" <>
10/14/2003 04:41 PM
Please respond to "Ant Users List"

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        Subject:        Re: What is this? "ZoneInfo: wrong file size: America/Chicago" 

You most likely added your SDK via a cvs import right?  Well the jdk has
several types of files that probably aren't on your binary extension list.
Something went in as text/plain instead of binary.

My reccomendation is to zip the entire sdk into one zip file and then add 
to CVS.  I would not think that you would need the internal contents of 
SDK version controlled.  If you are plopping the SDK into a directory and
then running ant against it you will have to extract it first.  Make sure
the version you zip up is fresh as the one you have now in CVS is 


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Subject: What is this? "ZoneInfo: wrong file size: America/Chicago"

Hello All:

Can anyone explain what this warning is and how to correct it?  I am
fairly new to ANT but was not have any trouble until this warning started
popping up.

I am running out of a CVS repository where I have my source, ANT and the
Java SDK checkin.  This warning seemed to start after I finished importing
the Java SDK into CVS?  Prior to importing the SDK id was not getting this

Thanks much,

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