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Subject RE: Need help write task:
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 19:47:23 GMT
>... but you already knew that. Are you really, really sure that CVS is in
>your path when run Ant?

Yes.  If I do, Vector vector = exe.getProcEnvironment(); and dump this, I see my path and

cvs is there.  What I am starting to wonder is if it's there but not. What 
I mean is, when I started the dos shell, cvs was not part of my path.  I 
ran Ant and got the error.  I then did, set PATH=%PATH%;"c:\development\cvs\bin" and made
sure I could run cvs.  When I continued 
to run Ant however, it still did not work.  What I am wondering is if I 
needed to set this before running Ant for the first time.  I will give it 
a try as well as your suggestion.


Dominique Devienne <>
10/23/2003 02:44 PM
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> From: []
> I am trying to write an ant task but can't seem to get Execute to run my
> command line.  Specifically, it can't find the executable and returns 
> following error:
> Execption thrown: CreateProcess: cvs -n status
> C:/repository/b_code_cleanup/source/clientware/Random/build.xml error=2

That's usually the error you get for the executable not being in the 

> If I hard code the path in the
> setExecutable("c:\development\cvs\bin\cvs.exe") then everything works.
> CVS is part of my PATH so I can't seem to figure out why it's not found. 
> also tried setting the environment but this did not help either.

... but you already knew that. Are you really, really sure that CVS is in
your path when run Ant?

As an experienced Ant guy who just a few days ago was stumped because I
wrote instead of net.sf, I can assure you everyone eventually will
get stuck on a silly error like mine above.

Check your Path, carefully.

Try running <exec executable="cvs" ... /> just above your custom task.

Run with -debug, and study the output slowly. Etc... --DD

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