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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject AW: two diff't JDKs
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 18:44:46 GMT
I think it is.
Using ant 1.5.4 (which by the way can also run under java 1.1, but this is a
- set the attribute fork of javac to true,
- set the executable attribute of javac to the 1.1 or of the 1.3 compiler
You need to have some objective criterion to decide what you are compiling
under java1.1 and what you are compiling under java1.2
The best case is if the java1.1 part and the java1.3 parts have different
basedirs, ie look like different, parallel projects.
If the java1.1 part and the java1.3 part are rooted at the same basedir,
then you can use include exclude patterns of filesets to tell the javac task
what to compile under javac1.1 for instance.
Pay attention to compile first the code which has no dependencies, then the
dependent code, if you do it the other way around javac (not ant) will
compile everything at once even though you have specified <include>
<exclude> patterns.


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Von: Erik Price []
Gesendet: Montag, 27. Oktober 2003 19:33
An: user@ant.apache.or
Betreff: two diff't JDKs


Is it possible to write an Ant script that compiles some of the code
using the 1.1 JDK and the rest of the code using the 1.3 SDK?

We've taken over a project from a team that was using batch scripts for
the build.  I'm trying to convert the build process to use Ant, which I
prefer for obvious reasons -- but this is an unusual case and I can't
find answers in the docs or list archives.  Some of the code in the
project *must* be built with the 1.1 JDK, but the rest needs to be
built with the 1.3 SDK.

Any suggestions?



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