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From "Martin Newstead" <>
Subject New custom task t generate Property Resource Bundles
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2003 21:07:40 GMT
I have open sourced a custom task that I have written for use on my 
projects. It will generate a Java source file from a .properties file 
containing name=value pairs of strings. Once generated the source can be 
compile like another in your project. Managing static properties, such as 
localisation strings, in this way can help improve performance as the 
intermediate class is not geberated on the fly at execution time.

I have produced a fragment of XML for inclusion on the Externals Tool and 
Tasks page. I'd be grateful if this could be included.

<subsection name="PRes">
  <p>PRes is short for Property Resources and will generate a Java source 
file from name=value pair .property files which can be compiled like any 
other class.</p>
<table class="externals">
  <td>Ant 1.5 and later (may work with earlier)</td>
  <a href="">MSeries</a>

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