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From "CONANT,PATRICK (HP-FtCollins,ex1)" <>
Subject RE: Arrrgggg!!!!
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 21:17:28 GMT
Try running your build with the "-v" and "-d" options to get more verbose
output.  This will give you exactly the javac command that is being
executed, and should facilitate your debugging.


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 3:14 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: Arrrgggg!!!!

Thanks to everyone for their replies, but it still is not working.  I have
made the fixes that were suggested and STILL get the same errors.  Here is
the script now.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<project name="tracs" default="archive">
<description>Gets the source from CVS; Compiles the programs
            and builds the EAR file.</description>
<property name="root.dir" location="/appl/cvs/builddir/src" /> <property
name="lib.dir" location="/appl/cvs/builddir/src/Tracs" />
        <path id="jar.files">                                            
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/ead4j_common.jar" />       
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/ead4j_jade.jar" />         
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/ead4j_opal.jar" />         
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/ead4j_topaz.jar" />        
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/ead4j_topaz_jdbc.jar" />   
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/ead4j_topaz_ejb.jar" />    
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/ejssecurity.jar" />        
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/jdom-b8.jar" />            
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/log4j-1.2.7.jar" />        
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/mq.jar" />                 
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/path_1.1-ejb.jar" />       
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/vicunialite.jar" />        
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/xercesImpl.jar" />         
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/xerces_1_4_4.jar" />       
             <pathelement location="${lib.dir}/xmlParserAPIs.jar" />      
      <target name="init" description="Refreshes source files">
            <mkdir dir="build/classes" />
            <mkdir dir="dist" />
            <cvs command="checkout" package="Tracs_Java"  
                  dest="${root.dir}" failonerror="yes" />
            <cvs command="checkout" package="Tracs_EJB"  
                  dest="${root.dir}" failonerror="yes" />
            <cvs command="checkout" package="Tracs_Web"  
                  dest="${root.dir}"  failonerror="yes" />
            <cvs command="checkout" package="Tracs"  
                  dest="${root.dir}"  failonerror="yes" />
      <target name="compile" depends="init"  
            description="Compiles the programs">
            <javac srcdir="${root.dir}" destdir="build/classes">
            <classpath refid="jar.files" />
      <target name="archive" depends="compile"  
            description="Creates the jar files">
            <jar destfile="dist/tracs.jar" basedir="build/classes" />
      <target name="cleanup"  
            description="Removes the directories that this file creates.">
            <delete dir="build" />
            <delete dir="dist" />
            <delete dir="src" />

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