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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: Need help write task:
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 20:04:03 GMT
> From: []
> >... but you already knew that. Are you really, really sure that CVS is in
> >your path when run Ant?
> Yes.  If I do, Vector vector = exe.getProcEnvironment(); and dump this, I
> see my path and
> cvs is there.  What I am starting to wonder is if it's there but not. What
> I mean is, when I started the dos shell, cvs was not part of my path.  I
> ran Ant and got the error.  I then did, set
> PATH=%PATH%;"c:\development\cvs\bin" and made sure I could run cvs.  When
> I continued
> to run Ant however, it still did not work.  What I am wondering is if I
> needed to set this before running Ant for the first time.  I will give it
> a try as well as your suggestion.

Remove the quotes. Windows' "shell" can cope with them (cmd.exe), but not
regular system calls I would think. --DD

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