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From Wascally Wabbit <>
Subject Re: Common ant file
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 15:50:50 GMT
You might try either XML entities (Ant 1.4->1.5x) or the new
Ant 1.6 "include" functionality.

I use a combination of entities and the <antcall> mechanism
for Ant 1.5x. Works fine.

The Wabbit

P.S. For common *properties* you could use one of the many
"include this properties file" tasks that are already
included with the ant-optional package.

At 05:06 AM 10/28/2003, you wrote:
>We have several projects which have lots of commonalities. How do i
>put common targets in a common file, such that other project specific
>build files can inherit these targets. Is it neccesary to create
>a 'calling target' in the specific build files?
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