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From "Adam Mlodzinski" <>
Subject RE: Foreach and "End Of Line" delimiter
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 18:47:21 GMT
With one modification, it works on any platform:

    <property name="nl" value="

The "/> is actually on the next line, so the quotes are quoting a new
line sequence. It's storage is platform-dependent when it's saved, so if
the build.xml file and the list file are saved on the same platform,
they will match.

If the list file line endings always match the platform the build is
running on, use ${line.separator} instead (what Matt Benson said).

If nothing matches (platform:properties file, or build.xml:properties
file), you could also use a different delimiter, but the newlines will
need to be trimmed or ignored by the target of your foreach:



<foreach list="${myFile}" delimiter="@" param="myParam" target="line"/>

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