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From Alec <>
Subject Re: *USEFUL* Stylesheet to generate a task-dependency graph for ant
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 07:35:50 GMT
Patrick Surry wrote:

>One promising java-based approach that looks like it might have moved
>on since I last looked a year or so ago is JGraph:
>If you came up with your own layout algorithm (which perhaps isn't so
>hard?) which could produce coordinates for each of the items in the
>dependency graph, then you could also think about using XSL to go from
>Ant -> SVG (or whatever) directly?
It seems like someone has already created a graphviz implementation in Java.
It is a working implementation (from the samples on the site -- I have 
not yet tried it out myself).

*"JzGraph* is an open source *Java* package for *hierarchical graph 
drawing* based on the open source *Graphviz <>* 
tool with some nice additions like *bus routing* and *attributed text* 
labels (see screen-shots <> 

Input and output in Graphviz .dot text file format which is very simple 
to use.  Some extensions have been made to the .dot file output to 
accommodate for the bus routings and attributed text labels so it is not 
compatible with Graphviz and no effort has made to do so.  The demo also 
render graph output to .png file using the Java 1.4 javax.imageio package."

Since this already has the algorithms to do the layout one could simply 
spit out the coordinates into SVG.

Then the flow would be:
build.xml -->  <XslScript>  --> -->  
<JzGraphWithSVGOutputOption>  --> build.svg

Alec Noronha

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