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From Donal Quinlan <>
Subject Re: precompiling jsps for Websphere...
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 23:11:56 GMT
Do you use the regular ant command or ws_ant command under 
WebSphere/AppServer/bin? A lot of our jsp's will only compile if the IBM 
jdk under AppServer/java (and not another one like I tried) is used. I 
can't remember if this was for jsp files that include other jsp files.

Side note: it seems WebSphere does not support hot deployment and 
precompiled jsp's together. Runtime compilation needs to be turned off 
to use precompiled jsp's. That means any new jsp's or updated jsp's 
won't be loaded until they get precompiled and the server restarted. 
Fine if all your jsp's will exist before starting the server, but that's 
not the case for your's truely. I have opened a pmr with IBM but haven't 
got a single useful piece of information from them yet.


Ciramella, EJ wrote:

>No one has ANY suggestions?
>To be a bit more precise, we have a handful of jsps that are simply code
>snippets (which have hardly any html in them).  In most situations, these
>would be included in a custom taglib rather than in jsp files.  But as the
>jsp compiler finds the snippets or the files that include them, because the
>snippets don't compile on their own, the WS jsp compiler fails to generate
>class files for the jsps.  In fact, NONE of the files that include other
>files compile through the WS jsp compiler.
>WebLogic handles these just fine.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
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>From: Ciramella, EJ []
>Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 12:08 PM
>To: 'Ant Users List'
>Subject: precompiling jsps for Websphere...
>Has anyone done any work precompiling jsps for WebSphere.  If so, could they
>share any tips/tatics?  I'm struggling a bit.

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