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From Hanasaki JiJi <>
Subject Re: New CVS?
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 01:23:55 GMT
Ditto here.. I have also been watching their ArgoUML.

Big problem is lack of IDE integration for subversion.  It would be nice 
if they had subversion backend and cvs wire protocols.
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Anderson, Robert H - MWT wrote:
> The issues you mention are addressed by Subversion. Subversion does atomic
> commits and versions directories. The commit and update issue that you
> mention could be encountered using almost any tool, not just CVS. The
> biggest downside of CVS, to me, is that directories are not versioned. I
> would be very reluctant to use a version control tool that has a dependency
> on java. CVS works great and I see no compelling reason to change to a new
> tool at this time. When the Subversion project matures, I will switch to
> that.
> -Rob Anderson
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Robert Simmons [] 
> Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2003 6:21 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: New CVS?
> Ever tried to rename a directory or file?
> Ever had two developers doing commits at the same time and both commits
> failing because of conflict. Then you need one developer doing an update 5
> seconds later and your whole dev team is down for the count while they
> figure out how to unravel the mess.
> Ever need to change the package structure of your product?
> I could go on and on. CVS has any number of flaws. The only thing is that
> you may not have had to deal with them personally.
> Now if one never does any refactoring then you might not notice the problem;
> but then developers that don't refractor are not so good developers. What I
> find hard to believe is that you in your 50 developer scenario never
> encountered the problem posed by lack of atomic commits.
> -- Robert
> "Martin Newstead" <> wrote in message
>>CVS works very indeed for all the projects that I've used it for, 
>>these range from large enterprise software development with about 50 
>>developers to small individual projects. I have set up CVS 
>>repositories and administrated them. I have no reason to change at 
>>this point in time.
>>>From: "Robert Simmons" <>
>>>Reply-To: "Ant Users List" <>
>>>Subject: New CVS?
>>>Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 23:21:42 +0200
>>>Lets face it, CVS is an OLD product. Furthermore, the development of 
>>>CVS is almost dead having few releases in recent years. At least this 
>>>is my opinion.
>>>What I am doing in polling the community of open source developers as 
>>>to what they think. I am seriously considering starting a project to 
>>>replace CVS using
>>>Java technology in the way that Ant has virtually replaced make as a
> build
>>>utility (for good reason).
>>>I am curious about the following questions:
>>>1) What do you think about the idea?
>>>2) What lessons do you think can be learned from CVS? Things done 
>>>badly, not done at all, etc.
>>>3) What features in CVS do you believe should be deprecated and why?
>>>4) What features would you like to see in a replacement to CVS that 
>>>currently are not available in CVS?
>>>And for the Apache Folk:
>>>5) Would you consider this an interesting project for ASF?
>>>I look forward to your answers and comments.
>>>-- Kraythe

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