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From alec <>
Subject Re: *USEFUL* Stylesheet to generate a task-dependency graph for ant
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 19:59:01 GMT
Here's another xslt script to translate an Ant build file.

However, instead of a GraphViz dependency graph,
it generates a single html page with a cross-references listing of the 
ant build file.

This IBM Developerworks article describes two other Ant-related xslt 



Patrick Surry wrote:

>Interesting!  I came up with the same approach of generating Dot files
>and doing layout with graphviz to generate dependency graphs for an
>inhouse SQL-like language we use (although I used perl to parse a
>free-text format and generate dot).  
>I looked at various other technologies, but the stumbling point was
>the automated layout to go from graph topology to physical 2D coordinates.
>One promising java-based approach that looks like it might have moved
>on since I last looked a year or so ago is JGraph:
>It certainly offers lots of nice features to display and manipulate
>the graph (including GUI-less rendering eg to SVG), and appears to now
>have some simple auto-layout stuff as well as ability to read some
>kind of XML input.  So maybe the ingredients are there but would
>require probably more java than I have at my command.
>If you came up with your own layout algorithm (which perhaps isn't so
>hard?) which could produce coordinates for each of the items in the
>dependency graph, then you could also think about using XSL to go from
>Ant -> SVG (or whatever) directly?
>>Dear Ant users,
>>Here's an XSLT script which will give you a graphical
>>view of the task dependencies in your ant build file.
>>See the attached postscript (.ps) file for an example
>>of the end-result.
>>The process is as follows:
>> 1. Creating a a file using the supplied build.xsl script
>> 2. Compile this file with the GraphViz 'dot' program
>>     using the '-Tps' option to produce a PostScript file
>>     which depicts all the dependencies in the build.xml file graphically.
>>This is very useful to get a quick overview of the buildfile structure.
>>It requires:
>> * graphviz -- open source and available from AT&T
>>    (binaries available for windows, linux and many other systems).
>> * A postscript viewer (like ghostview --
>>          available for many o/ses including windows and linux).
>>Would appreciate feedback on other utilities which can do the same thing
>>possibly using Java only (graphviz is written in C or C++).
>>I'm aware of a jedit plugin, called AntViz;
>>I haven't tried it out myself, though.
>>Suggestions are welcome.
>>Alec Noronha

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