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From Dale Anson <>
Subject Antelope and AntContrib tasks
Date Sun, 12 Oct 2003 05:27:19 GMT
I know there are a lot of Antelope and AntContrib users on this list, so
I thought it would be appropriate to post an update about these
projects. I am the author of the Antelope application and tasks, and
have recently been added to the AntContrib project. As a member of
AntContrib, I'll be merging the Antelope tasks into the AntContrib
tasks. There is a lot of overlap in the tasks in these two popular
projects, so it makes sense that they should work together to provide a
single place to maintain external Ant tasks.

The first cut is in AntContrib cvs as of this evening. Both projects
provide try/catch/finally, if/else, switch, and call/runtarget. The
implementations are different, but not so different that we can't get
the best features of each into a single version. These tasks will take
some time to merge. If you need the Antelope version of these tasks,
continue to get them from the Antelope web pages. The goal is to make a
single version of try/catch/finally, if/else, and switch work the same
in existing build files.

The Antelope application and jEdit plugin are not part of this
consolidation. Antelope will remain a separate project and will continue
to provide a GUI application to run Ant builds. As a side note, Antelope
version 2.64 was released last week and has been updated to work with
Ant 1.6 and jEdit 4.2.

AntContrib is at
Antelope is at

Dale Anson

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