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From "Bansemir, Carsten" <>
Subject problems with ant using jdk1.3.1: blanks in the directories
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 11:25:12 GMT
Hi, I'm running ant with jdk1.3.1_09 and because I start ant from within WSAD, I have to use
the executable variable of the javac task set to the javac.exe of my jdk.
When I do so, the following error appears:

here is the verbose output:

       [javac] Compiling 236 source files to ...
       [javac] Using external javac compiler
       [javac] Compilation arguments:


'D:\Programme\IBM\WebSphere Studio\Application Developer\v5.1\workspace3\My Project'

and here the normal output:

       [javac] Compiling 236 source files to ...
       [javac] javac: invalid argument: D:\Programme\IBM\WebSphere

So, javac can't handle blanks in directories, I also tried to add the -sourcepath variable
as javac argument, but the javac task needs the srcdir attribute, so when javac runs there
will be 2 sourcepath's and the second (-sourcepath C:/foo/bar) is beeing ignored.

Any suggestions how to solve this problem, without using a different compiler than 1.3, and
without removing all blanks ?


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