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From (Thomas Lionel SMETS)
Subject PATH issue
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2003 06:44:29 GMT
I am trying to use ANT with WSAD 4.0 & WSAD 5.0 as exeplained by Barry Searle in a document
published on I.B.M.'s web site (see
I however have a very simple & annoying issue related to ant.

I defined in a property file all my attributes which I load with a 
    <property file="./script/" />
The call is made outside any "target", I can see all the property in a special target where
I "echo" all my properties.... 

I then define a "path" :
    <path id="build.path">
        <pathelement location="${wsad.boot.lib}" />
        <pathelement location="${wsad.ant.lib}" />

and I cannot display the content of the PATH in my "echo" target...

    <target name="echo"
                description="Echoes the variables known by the script" >
        <property name="" refid="build.path" />
            script.dir  = ${script.dir}
            lib.dir     = ${lib.dir}
            source.dir  = ${source.dir}
            build.dir   = ${build.dir}
            dist.dir    = ${dist.dir}
            wsad4.home  = ${wsad4.home}
            wsad.plugins.dir  = ${wsad.plugins.dir}
            wsad.ant.dir    = ${wsad.ant.dir}
            wsad.boot.dir = ${wsad.boot.dir}
            wsad.startup.lib = ${wsad.startup.lib}
            wsad.ant.lib.dir = ${wsad.ant.lib.dir}
            wsad.ant.lib    = ${wsad.ant.lib}
            wsad.boot.lib   = ${wsad.boot.lib}  
            wsad.antoptionnal.lib = ${wsad.antoptionnal.lib}
            wsad.xerces.dir = ${wsad.xerces.dir}
            wsad.xerces.lib = ${wsad.xerces.lib}
   = ${}

As I wrote ALL the variables are well displayed but I cannot use the "build.path", neither
can display it after transfering it into a "normal" property.

Can someone advise me ... ?
Jan ?


Thomas SMETS 
rue J. Wytsmanstraat 62
1050 Brussels

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