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From "Anderson, Robert H - MWT" <>
Subject RE: New CVS?
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2003 19:20:02 GMT
The issues you mention are addressed by Subversion. Subversion does atomic
commits and versions directories. The commit and update issue that you
mention could be encountered using almost any tool, not just CVS. The
biggest downside of CVS, to me, is that directories are not versioned. I
would be very reluctant to use a version control tool that has a dependency
on java. CVS works great and I see no compelling reason to change to a new
tool at this time. When the Subversion project matures, I will switch to

-Rob Anderson

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From: Robert Simmons [] 
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2003 6:21 AM
Subject: Re: New CVS?

Ever tried to rename a directory or file?

Ever had two developers doing commits at the same time and both commits
failing because of conflict. Then you need one developer doing an update 5
seconds later and your whole dev team is down for the count while they
figure out how to unravel the mess.

Ever need to change the package structure of your product?

I could go on and on. CVS has any number of flaws. The only thing is that
you may not have had to deal with them personally.

Now if one never does any refactoring then you might not notice the problem;
but then developers that don't refractor are not so good developers. What I
find hard to believe is that you in your 50 developer scenario never
encountered the problem posed by lack of atomic commits.

-- Robert

"Martin Newstead" <> wrote in message
> CVS works very indeed for all the projects that I've used it for, 
> these range from large enterprise software development with about 50 
> developers to small individual projects. I have set up CVS 
> repositories and administrated them. I have no reason to change at 
> this point in time.
> >From: "Robert Simmons" <>
> >Reply-To: "Ant Users List" <>
> >To:
> >Subject: New CVS?
> >Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 23:21:42 +0200
> >
> >Lets face it, CVS is an OLD product. Furthermore, the development of 
> >CVS is almost dead having few releases in recent years. At least this 
> >is my opinion.
> >
> >What I am doing in polling the community of open source developers as 
> >to what they think. I am seriously considering starting a project to 
> >replace CVS using
> >Java technology in the way that Ant has virtually replaced make as a
> >utility (for good reason).
> >
> >I am curious about the following questions:
> >
> >1) What do you think about the idea?
> >
> >2) What lessons do you think can be learned from CVS? Things done 
> >badly, not done at all, etc.
> >
> >3) What features in CVS do you believe should be deprecated and why?
> >
> >4) What features would you like to see in a replacement to CVS that 
> >currently are not available in CVS?
> >
> >And for the Apache Folk:
> >
> >5) Would you consider this an interesting project for ASF?
> >
> >I look forward to your answers and comments.
> >
> >-- Kraythe
> >
> >
> >
> >
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