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From Erik Price <>
Subject RE: AW: AW: two diff't JDKs
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 20:14:08 GMT

--- "Brown, Michael (Denver)" <> wrote:
> Erik,
> Glad I could help.  I had one additional note around your separate
> compilation:
> We had two solutions because of administration issues on the machine
> where the build will occur:
> 1. If we have control of the machine doing the build, we can set a
> new
> environment variable such as JAVA11_HOME.
> 2. If we don't have control of the machine but have a standard
> location
> in a properties file that can be modified if necessary, we use the
> property file and set a java.1.1.home.
> Mike B.

Thanks, Mike.  I opted for the properties file approach, since my team
will be using my build.xml and (with the properties
files configured for their specific machines).

Everything seems to work except for one last detail, which appears to
be some kind of inconsistency between Ant and the 1.1.8 compiler (I'm
using ant 1.5.4 per Antoine's suggestion):

When I run the <javac> task, if I set "debug='true'" then I get this
mysterious error:

    [javac] javac: invalid argument:

That's fine, I don't need the debug symbols enabled, but if I remove
the "debug" attribute altogether, then I get this mysterious error:

    [javac] javac: invalid flag: -g:none

Which seems to be a case of the 1.1.8 javac compiler choking on the
command that Ant sends to it when there's no "debug" attribute
specified.  I've also tried changing the value of the "debug" attribute
to things like "none", ":none", "source", and ":source".  I found some
documentation on those arguments at
<>, but
since none of these are really valid values for the "debug" attribute,
the compiler just gives the same error about the invalid "-g:none"

Does anyone know of a problem with Ant speaking to the 1.1 javac



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