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From "Ciramella, EJ" <>
Subject RE: precompiling jsps for Websphere...
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 20:07:32 GMT
 Yeah, all the resulting java files are 0 bytes...

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From: Donal Quinlan
To: Ant Users List
Sent: 10/24/2003 3:13 PM
Subject: Re: precompiling jsps for Websphere...

I can't remember if you mentioned this before, but I feel its better to 
mention it twice than not at all. Are all the necessary jar files in the

WEB-INF/lib? I ranin to this problem before. Also if the java files are 
not zero bytes, have you tried the regular <javac> task (with the IBM 
jvm) to compile the java files.?


Ciramella, EJ wrote:

> actually, I did.  I did use jspc (I said that earlier in another email
>maybe that one didn't go out to the group), and didn't get any class
>Still looking for suggestions.
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>From: Mika Moilanen
>Sent: 10/24/2003 3:29 AM
>Subject: Re: precompiling jsps for Websphere...
>Umh ... did you read my answer:
>From: "ext Mika Moilanen" <>
>	(
>Subject: Re: precompiling jsps for Websphere...
>>>>>>"ext" == ext Ciramella, EJ <> writes:
>ext> ------_=_NextPart_001_01C3999E.D2A6B8D0
>ext> Content-Type: text/plain;
>ext> 	charset="iso-8859-1"
>ext> No one has ANY suggestions?
>ext> To be a bit more precise, we have a handful of jsps that are
>ext> snippets (which have hardly any html in them).  In most
>ext> would be included in a custom taglib rather than in jsp files.
>as the
>ext> jsp compiler finds the snippets or the files that include them,
>because the
>ext> snippets don't compile on their own, the WS jsp compiler fails to
>ext> class files for the jsps.  In fact, NONE of the files that include
>ext> files compile through the WS jsp compiler.
>ext> WebLogic handles these just fine.
>ext> Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
>ext> -----Original Message-----
>ext> From: Ciramella, EJ []
>ext> Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 12:08 PM
>ext> To: 'Ant Users List'
>ext> Subject: precompiling jsps for Websphere...
>ext> Has anyone done any work precompiling jsps for WebSphere.  If so,
>could they
>ext> share any tips/tatics?  I'm struggling a bit.
>ext> ------_=_NextPart_001_01C3999E.D2A6B8D0--

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