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From Jing Xue <>
Subject RE: Modify files inside zip
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 14:23:20 GMT
Quoting Duncan Strang <>:
> I've always thought that this is a real shortcoming of the whole jar,
> ear, war thing, the fact that you have to go through the entire build
> process when you want to make even a small change...
> As for turning over maintenance and continued development to a
> client....forget it if they don't understand the build process.
> That's what ant is for of course. To ease this process,but depending on
> which application server you are using it should be possible to modify
> certain values from the app server console.
> My main exp' is with can modify all sorts of things in
> the deployment descriptors from the console.

Well, I have always thought that that is a can of worm weblogic opened right 
there. 8-)  I mean if we all go by the J2EE roles, it's the Component Provider 
and Application Assembler's responsibility to put together the deployment 
descriptors, while the Deployer is supposed to "resolve all the external 
dependencies" without changing the package itself.  That was probably the whole 
idea of having the security roles/jndi reference mapping thing in the 
descriptors. It can easily become everyone's nightmare at redeployment time, if 
a Deployer/Server Admin always goes in and changes the descriptors.

Now back to Ant, it would be nice indeed if the generic fileset concept could 
allow to specify a zip as the basedir.

My 2 cents.

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