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From Pedro Salazar <>
Subject RE: <input> with timeout?
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2003 14:51:19 GMT
On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 15:32, Rob van Oostrum wrote:
> what about providing the password as a command-line property?

It could be a solution, however it's annoying to do it in every build
and could be missed...

*But* maybe a _warning_message_ alerting the password wasn't passed by
argument could be sufficient. Ok, I'll try that... And it has an
advantage on it: no timeout is needed!

BTW: I was thinking in a <parallel> task with 2 tasks inside. One for
the input and other for <waitfor>. But unfortunately the parallel task
*always* waits for *all* tasks to end.

See below the tried task just for your discussion. For me, it's enough
the command line argument.

<target name="check-sign-env">
    <parallel >
        <waitfor maxwait="10" maxwaitunit="second"
timeoutproperty="timeout" >
            <isset property="storepass" />
        <input message="enter password for keystore:"
            addproperty="storepass" />
    <condition property="sign?">
            <isset property="keystore" />
            <isset property="storetype" />
            <isset property="storepass" />
            <isset property="alias" />

Pedro Salazar

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