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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Ant/JUnit not happy on a Gump...
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 14:11:11 GMT
> > I'm trying to debug why a project can't load a junit task when run
> > on Gump, with junit in the path.
> Does you Python Gump use Ant's Main class as entry point as the shell
> script Gump does?

Yes, nothing different there.

java -debug -Dbuild.sysclasspath=first -Dant.home=/home
/share/gump/pkg/ant -Dgump.deploysite.centipede=true -Djars.dir=/home/share/
gump/jars/ -Ddeployer.username=chalko -Dforrest.home=/home/nick/xml-forrest/
build/dist/shbat -Dforrest.jvmargs=-Djava.awt.headless=true
bug=-debug -DDATE_STAMP=20031014 test Also, this happens on a parrallel
traditional Gump. [I used Python Gump just out of recent habit, I didn't
mean to confuse.]
think the issue is the packaged ant/junit within the envirnoment. > > I
tried running the ant with -debug (in the hope of seeing some
> > exception or something) but I don't get much help.
> -debug should give you a hint which class it is actually not loading.
> >

Yeah, I was hoping it would. It did (at least when I was having dependent
classloading issues a while back). It doesn't seem to now, is this a bug for
me to file?

> >
> > it sure looks like junit is on the classpath.
> Yes, and it looks as if ant-junit.jar was there as well, but does it
> contain more than just a MANIFEST.MF?

Interesting question.  [Clearly I never read the build output did I? I'm
guessing this is a rookie mistake. ;-) ]

JUnit has it's bits, but ant-junit.jar isn't up to much. A bit more than a
manifest, but nothing useful. Huh.

[ajack@csm ajack]$ jar tvf /home/share/gump/pkg/ant/lib/ant-junit.jar
     0 Sat Oct 11 15:23:20 PDT 2003 META-INF/
   432 Sat Oct 11 15:23:18 PDT 2003 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
 30146 Sat Oct 11 15:22:44 PDT 2003
 20263 Sat Oct 11 15:22:44 PDT 2003
[ajack@csm ajack]$

I built the ant from source, but before I'd installed junit. I downloaded
junit 'cos ant-testutil wouldn't build, but never thought to go back and
re-build ant proper. I've done so now. And I got no 'MANIFEST-only' message:

      [jar] Building jar: /home/ajack/ant/build/lib/ant-junit.jar

Ok, I have the classes in there now.

I'll see how the build goes later, but clearly it has a chance now. Thanks
for your help.



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