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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Ant/JUnit not happy on a Gump...
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2003 20:55:50 GMT
I'm trying to debug why a project can't load a junit task when run on Gump,
with junit in the path. I tried running the ant with -debug (in the hope of
seeing some exception or something) but I don't get much help.

If you look at this :

and this:

it sure looks like junit is on the classpath. As such, I suspect there has
to be a deeper cause. I recall I once had this problem before, and a nicer
exception message/log was added, so the real reason was given. I don't see
that, so either this is in a different place, or something changed. [The
stack trace looks different to me, in making this did we lose the 'cause'?
Does ant leverage the JDK1.4 cause -- directly or via emulation?]

I just upgraded to junit3.8.1 [it is a package on this gump], and every now
and then I get some weird "DOM range" mismatch with xerces (inside ant) and
junit. I don't have an example to send (although this might be one) but has
anybody else seen anything like this?

If anybody can give me pointers on how to debug this I'll forward any output
on (assuming it isn't dumb user error ;-)

Thanks in advance.


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