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From "Daniel M. Bikel" <>
Subject prepend file to multiple files
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 16:55:48 GMT
Hi.  I need to prepend a short license description (contained in file) to
all my source files when they are copied to the deployment "src" directory.
Even though there have been similar posts on this list, I cannot find a way
to do this.  Put another way, I have a "src" directory which I want to
recursively copy to a "deploy/src" directory (this is easily done using the
copy task), *but* I also want every file ending up in deploy/src to have a
license prepended to the beginning, and I want to do this *without*
modiyfing my original source files (i.e,. I *could* modify every one of my
existing source files to contain the line /* @LICENSE@ */, but I don't want
to do this).

Thanks in advance!


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