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From "David" <>
Subject RE: How to compile the classes using the jdk1.3.1 compiler?
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 08:51:30 GMT
>> Ant if I set the value or compiler to javac1.3 will look on my
>> machine my jdk1.3.1 compiler?

So, what does mean to do:
<javac compiler="javac1.3">

Following the documentation the <javac> task will use the jdk 1.3 version.
How we have to understand that if it is not using my jdk 1.3.1 installed on
my machine? Do it simulate that jdk version?

>The easiest way to run a different compiler that the one for the VM
>Ant is running in is to fork <javac> and set the executable attribute
>to point to the "correct" compiler.

Ok, this work. Thank you.

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